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Hello Friends!

My name is Taylor and I am excited to be sharing my love and passion for both yoga and travel. I believe yoga and travel should be accessible for everyone! That is why I am bringing both of them to YOU.

I offer yoga lessons, workshops and events for every age and level. In addition, I also am a travel writer and content developer and I enjoy designing custom itineraries for your upcoming adventures.

Get ready to start your next adventure whether it be in yoga or travel!

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My Latest Posts

The Most Beautiful Places of Worship

Peace and Prayer While Traveling Hello my dear followers and readers! I just got back from an amazing trip to Ireland Sunday night and am ready to start blogging again. I have to admit though that I am pretty jet lagged after arriving home late Sunday night and having to start my day early Monday […]

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Fun Drinks from All Over the World

Cool Drinks from My Travels A month ago, I posted a fun blog that featured my favorite meals from my travels. Someone recommended that I also create a blog post that features my favorite drinks from both near and far. I will admit that I am not and have never really been a “drinker”, but […]

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My Favorite Yoga Products and Brands

A Helpful Guide to Get You Ready for Your Yoga Journey As an everyday yogi, I always make sure I am prepared with my favorite yoga products in order to have a successful and fulfilling practice. From yoga mats, to leggings and props, there are a plethora of different products out there that it can […]

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