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Whether it’s business or pleasure, it can be difficult to stay fit while traveling. Between a change in diet and a potential lack of exercise facilities, it’s by no surprise that reports indicate that travelers regularly pack on the pounds. With careful planning prior to reaching your destination, you can fight weight gain and stay fit while traveling providing you’re committed to doing so.

Pack A Workout

It’s possible that the place you’re staying at doesn’t have a fitness center because it’s a small/boutique hotel or you’re renting a vacation rental. Even larger hotels and resorts can be problematic if there’s not enough equipment to accommodate the number of guests. Don’t let that be your excuse to ditch your workout routine — simply pack one instead!

Fitness equipment like a jump rope, resistance bands, core sliders, a yoga mat, Monkii Bars (think portable TRX) and even a foldable bike that fits in the overhead compartment on an airplane are easy to travel with. If you need additional guidance and motivation, download a fitness app. Don’t beat yourself up for not spending hours at the gym. Consider a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout to burn more calories in less time.

Choose The Right City

Providing you’re not on a work trip where you don’t have a choice, consider booking a trip to a city known for being walkable. These cities make the U.S. list based on factors such as density of population, proximity to amenities like shopping and dining, block length and how friendly the people are in the area. If you’re visiting for pleasure, there’s no better way to explore a city than by foot.

  1. New York, NY
  2. San Francisco, CA
  3. Boston, MA
  4. Miami, FL
  5. Philadelphia, PA
  6. Chicago, IL
  7. Washington D.C.
  8. Seattle, WA
  9. Oakland, CA
  10. Long Beach, CA

Don’t Let Your Diet Go Down The Tubes

Between layovers at the airport tempting you to eat fast food, it doesn’t take much to derail your diet, even if you’re not trying to lose weight. Consider these healthy eating tips while on the road:

  • Be Prepared: Whether you travel by train, plane or car, pack healthy snacks and mini-meals to ward off temptation to eat something quick and easy that’s apt to be unhealthy. Some easy options are fruits with skin or peel (lasts longer), veggie sticks (and a low-calorie dip or hummus if you have a cool pack), instant oatmeal and soups (you can ask for hot water or get some at a gas station), popcorn, nuts, kale chips, a PB&J sandwich on whole grain bread, low-sugar applesauce squeeze pouches, protein powder and a shaker jar (just add water or milk).
  • Avoid Buffets: All-you-can-eat buffets almost always lead to overeating because you’re tempted to try many things, so you lose track of how much you’ve eaten. It’s rare that a buffet is filled with healthy options, even vegetables are liable to be swimming in butter or oil to keep them from drying out.
  • Treat Yourself, But Watch Portion Size: There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself on vacation, but try not to eat two unhealthy/heavy meals in a row. When you do have a meal that’s higher in fat and calories, mind your portions. Meat should be the size of a deck of cards, ask for heavy sauces on the side and for vegetables to be steamed. Not every meal has to be abbreviated (you are on vacation, after all), but by making tweaks here and there, you’re saving thousands of calories and fat grams over the course of a week-plus. If you’re drinking more than usual (cabana cocktails for example), you’re more apt to put on weight, so also monitor your alcohol consumption.
  • Be Realistic: There’s no way you’re going to be able to eat as normally as you do at home when you’re dining out on the daily, so be realistic about every day not being a perfect one. However, if you can master a healthy diet while traveling, it’s likely that you’ll be able to manage one at home, too.

All it takes to stay fit while traveling is moving your two legs and executing a little self-control in the eating department. Don’t be so rigid that you’re not enjoying your trip. Life is all about balance and as important as it is to be in good health, visiting a new place is an incredible opportunity that should be experienced to the fullest.


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