My Favorite Travels Meals

Memorable Eats from my Travels For many of you who follow my travel blog posts, I never forget to include the local-authentic meals I indulge in during each trip. I have to admit that I am a very picky eater, but that doesn’t stop me from being a “travel foodie”. Discover a list of my […]

Taylor Takes on Thailand – Part 4, Chiang Mai

The Most Memorable Time in Thailand I hope you all enjoyed reading about my unique experience road tripping to Chiang Mai. When we finally reached the mountainous city, it was mid-afternoon and we couldn’t wait to relax. After checking into our majestic and traditional, Asian-inspired hotel, we got settled in and headed up to the […]

Taylor Takes on Thailand – Part 1, Bangkok

Taylor Takes on Thailand Happy August everyone! A year ago, I eagerly booked a trip to Thailand to cross off another continent on my bucket list and explore a new country with a different culture, landscapes and history. Over the past two weeks, I had the best experience traveling to Thailand’s famous cities of Bangkok, […]