Travel Services

Travel Bookings and Custom Itineraries

In addition to yoga and travel blogging and marketing, I am also a travel agent and design custom itineraries for anyone who is looking to book their next adventure. I use thorough research and experience from my own travels to design the best itineraries around your personal and budget needs.

Booking your next trip shouldn’t be a stressful process. If you are looking to go on a vacation and do not have the time to research flights, hotels or things to do, I would love to help you out!

Our team specializes in bespoke travel experiences, concierge services, luxury lifestyle management and premium seats to all concerts, sporting events and theater worldwide. We are known for creating exceptional VIP Experiences and ensure that even the most unique and rare journeys will seem effortless.

We are the go to team for a unique, authentic experience. Regardless of budget, our customized itineraries are thoughtful and designed to satisfy the desires of the client.

We like to call it “Travel by Design”! We really look at ourselves as adventurers and treasure hunters. We are always looking for the experience that will be above and beyond the norm. Our team has been around the world and they know what’s great and what’s just ordinary.

Travel Blogging and Content Development

I also currently work for Crawford Concierge by SitInMySeats, a VIP tickets, travel and concierge services travel agency in South Florida. I also have my own personal travel page on their website called Travels with Taylor. Along with contributing to the blog and social media outlets, I design travel packages for health and wellness travel specializing in yoga retreats, adventure travel and experiential travel.

I have a deep passion for traveling the world and writing about my journeys. I would love to help drive traffic and leads to your website by submitting written content about my adventures. I can enhance your website by creating inspiring blog posts that will take your customers on a virtual journey. In addition, a successful blog page will help keep your social media presence going and will take your business to the next level.

Contact me today to find out more information about your next travel adventure..